Things to Consider Before Choosing Fundraising Software for Non-Profits

Fundraising fairs are among the main moves that a non-profit association uses to raise funds. Since a fundraiser needs enough preparing and requires getting ample amount of money, it is imperative that the organization needs solutions to secure the program. Hence, fundraising software can be of great help for non-profit organizations. Fundraising software for non-profits are available in different types and for several operating systems.

The online charity auction program, which operates on the web server, is great for those who want to have easy access to varied software apps they have. When planning to invest in fundraising software tool, make sure that you check all the requirements, which are compatible with your system. Here are few things to consider for finding the best fundraising software for your organization.


Even before you start looking or working with the software tool, determine what you require the software to do. What features do you need and what data would you want that to hold. Make a list of the features that you’re looking for in fundraising software. You can also check out with consultants or read their reviews. Do not make the purchase randomly looking at trail series or prioritizing cost above everything else or blindly falling in love with cool features.


You’ll have to see how easy it is to customize the software. No 2 non-profits are same. You have different technology and programs and you certainly would not want to create your own database from beginning, if there is a way to avoid it. Hence, choose something that has easy customization options, which allow you to tailor the database to your requirements.


Since this software tool is going to be an integral element of your organization, you want it to be easy to used and intuitive. Usability has to be checked without fail and you’ll have to see how user-friendly the software is. Get a personal demo and look at some trial videos and talk with current users about the functions and uses.


You’ll have to see whether the software fits well into your planned budget, both current and in future. To perform this, you’ll have to consider all the prices associated with owning the software, data conversion cost, software licence costs, training, installation fee, and support charges. You’ll have to include other indirect costs, such as consultant helps, maintenance charge, and upgrades to run the software on your system.


Safety has to be considered as you are dealing with donor info; you can clarify your doubts with the providers. For instance, you can ask them who have the direct authority and access, where the information is stored, how the process is managed, and how the info is shared between different departments and people.

Technical Support

You shouldn’t overlook at few things, like the software tool’s ability to get data in and out. You need to see the database for varied purposes, like a list of addresses and names, accounting, email marketing, and other event purposes. So, checking the easy import and export of information is also quite important. If the software tool comes with quality customer support, it would be beneficial for you to use it over time.

There are many software packages or tools available and hence, you compare their differences, before placing an order.

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